welcome, visitor

why is this here?

this is just a place for me to put stuff up on the web. i wanted to teach myself some basic html, and i wanted to start having more of a web presence. oddly enough, i am not a huge social networking guy so facebook and twitter are not my bag.

who are you?

why all the questions? probably if you are here you already know me by name. i am a programmer/hacker. if there exists some mutual reason for you needing to know more, then by all means contact me. the best way to do that currently is to find me on irc. my nick, as you might guess, is vanaltj. (this is also my gmail address. see what i did there? now you have my email, but even the most intrepid spam spider is unlikely to harvest it.) you can find me in a number of channels on freenode, more often than not. if you don't get a response right away, be aware that my client is logged in regardless of whether i am at a computer or paying attention to it. patience is a virtue.

what can i do here?

you're already doing it.

why do you only use the left side of the page?

i am just one of those glass half full kind of guys. obligatory rim shot .

if you're such a great programmer, why don't you dress up this page a bit?

well, i just don't feel like it. this is just a place to host a bit of info, mostly for my own purposes but hopefully if anyone comes across it they will find something useful. this is not some sort of interactive web2.0 experience i am aiming for here. believe me, if that was what i was trying to do you would be getting blown away right now. this is just a place where i can put my own stuff up.

don't you know uber-plain web styles died in the 90's?

have you not been paying attention? this is just my little personal web site. besides, i miss the 90's. the music was great, google was just a search engine, cell phones were for talking to people. le sigh.

why no capitals?

that's it. interview over.